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  • This vocabulary activity is a fun and engaging way to help students learn and remember new words. It is designed to be adaptable for any word, so you can use it with a variety of texts or units of study. To play the game, students roll a dice and then complete the corresponding activity for the number they rolled. For example, if they roll a 1, they might have to write a sentence using the word, while if they roll a 4, they might have to draw a picture that illustrates the meaning of the word. The activity includes six different options for activities, each corresponding to a different number on the dice. These include writing a definition, using the word in a sentence, drawing a picture, creating a synonym and antonym, finding the word in context, and creating a word map. To make the activity even more engaging, you can print the color version and display it in your classroom, or you can print the black and white version and use it in literacy centers. An optional recording sheet is included, which allows students to keep track of their progress and show what they have learned. Overall, this vocabulary activity is a fun and effective way to help students learn new words and build their vocabulary skills
  • Initial Sounds Game