Escape Room for Beginners Foundation – Year 2

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Introduce your young learners to escape rooms with this fun Escape Room for Beginners, suitable for students Foundation/Prep – Year 2. This escape room is suitable for introducing escape room – style learning to young learners through simple concepts.

The cognitive load for the student in this escape room will be learning how escape room learning works, and using the decoders. This is why the content covered is very simple – CVC words and addition/subtraction to 10!

In this escape room, students will complete a mission by solving four clues and one final answer. They will use the initial sounds of images to find letters, use the cryptogram and alphabet code decoders to find letters, and incorporate simple maths. The answers of the four clues will then help students to solve the final answer.

This resource includes:

  • Teacher directions
  • Student mission
  • 4 task cards with code words (clues)
  • Student answer sheet (code recorder)
  • Cryptogram and Alphabet Code
  • Answers for Teachers
  • Completion Certificate

Your students will love their first escape room experience, and love completing their mission!

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