Australian Science of Reading Decoding Strategies Posters

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Your students will love these Australian Science of Reading Decoding Strategies Posters – a resource as versatile as a kangaroo’s pouch! This educational gem is designed to help your young learners leap into the world of reading with the agility of a wallaby.
Our down-under inspired posters include modern SOR decoding strategies to support young learners to decode unknown words.
Here’s what you’ll get:
  • 9 Aussie-Themed Posters: These posters make an eye-catching display and will help your students grasp decoding strategies.
  • 1 Overview page covering all of the strategies
  • Blackline posters for low-ink printing are also included.
Ideas for using these Australian SOR Decoding strategies:
  • Reminders to students as you review and reinforce new phonemes/graphemes and applying decoding strategies
  • Reading centres and book folders
  • Reading and Writign Bulletin Boards
  • View slides (as well as printing posters) as a daily review
  • Add overview of strategies to homework folders
Strategies included:
  • ‘Say it’ Salty
  • Blending Bandicoot
  • Flippy Dolphin
  • Syllable Skippy
  • Root Digger
  • Nosy Emu
  • Detail Devil
  • Koality Control
  • Fix It Frilly
This resource will have your students reading like true-blue Aussies in no time.