Bump It Up Wall Display – Little Artists

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Boost your students’ learning with this fun progressive Bump It Up Wall display. Each level features an easel with a painting at different stages. There are four different levels and bright and cheerful headings for each level.


Your students will love using a bump it up wall in their classroom. Bump it up walls help students to be active learners through visual examples (also called visual rubrics) displayed in the classroom and annotated with success criteria statements.


They will adore this cute Little Artists theme!


This resource includes:

  • ‘Bump it up!’ banner
  • Headers in four levels of achievement; Level 1 etc, and themed names
  • Mini easel images
  • Learning Intention label, and Success criteria labels in four levels to match headers – annotate each level.


You will receive a zip file including ready-to-print PDF files.


Your students will love the clarity they have when learning expectations are made clear with a bump it up wall. They’ll be out of their seats, referring to the bump it up wall, improving their work and soaring in their achievements!



Prep is quick and easy… Just print your banner, your headers and success criteria labels, and you’re ready to create an engaging display. Add writing samples to create a bump it up wall for writing, or any other subject!


Need Bump It Up Wall Writing Samples, done for you?

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⭐ Visual Writing Rubric | Bump It Up Wall with Visual Success Criteria

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