Bump It Up Wall for Reading


Boost student achievement with this gumball-themed Bump It Up Wall for reading!

There are two banners (Bump It Up Wall & Reading Goals), goal levelled gumball machine posters, and eight levels of gumballs, color-coded to show ability level.


You could also use this display for any other subject – there are blank color and b&w gumballs included!


Display includes:

  • ‘Reading Goals’ and ‘Bump It Up Wall’ banners (easy to print and assemble!)
  • gumball machines x 4
  • plain large gumballs for students – coloured and b&w – add your own goals!
  • gumball ‘I Can’ goals – colour-coded to each cluster. Choose to display one cluster, or choose the same goal (e.g fluency) across different clusters.
  • Student goal achievement posters – color comes with cut-and-paste mini gumballs, black and white comes with color-in gumballs.


Goals are in developmental hierarchy of reading skills, but are also aligned to Australian Curriculum Literacy Continuum (clusters 1-8)


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