Easter Writing Prompts Slideshow and Writing Papers

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_________________________________Make Easter writing fun with these engaging Easter writing prompts! This set includes 12 Easter writing prompts, with editing and writing checklists, on slides, AND with matching printables! Easy to use for daily writing or as fun morning Easter writing prompts


Encourage creative writing and self-editing with these fun Easter writing slides. Your students will love thinking about these fun prompts and will improve their writing by including descriptive language and editing for CAPS (capitals, all makes sense, punctuation, and spelling).



Here’s what you’ll get:

PowerPoint slideshow that includes:

  • 12 full-color Easter writing prompt slides with space for modeling a response.
  • 12 matching black and white printables for students
  • Prompts are secular, but there are opportunities to discuss the religious holiday if you wish (e.g Why do we celebrate Easter?)


Your students will feel like they are celebrating Easter, but they will still be working on their core skills! They’ll be brainstorming ideas, structuring an effective text, and including writing elements that improve their writing.


While these slides are a great low-paper activity that students could complete in their daily writing journals, I have also included matching printables for when technology isn’t available, or students need the extra scaffolding!

Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student pages, display the daily prompt, and you’re ready for a fun and engaging writing session!


The 12 included prompts are:

  1. What would you do if you were the Easter Bunny?
  2. The best hiding spot for an Easter egg is…
  3. Instead of Easter eggs, I would prefer…
  4. I CANNOT WAIT until Easter because…
  5. Last night, I got an urgent email from the Easter Bunny!
  6. Imagine if a DRAGON delivered Easter eggs!
  7. If I could make my own Easter eggs…
  8. In my family, we celebrate Easter by…
  9. I love EASTER because…
  10. It’s Easter and the Easter Bunny is sick in bed!
  11. Why do we celebrate Easter?
  12. Why do we eat eggs at Easter?


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