End of Year Memory Book

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Celebrate the end of the year with this memory book for students! You will get a memory book that is full of cute pages for students to record this year’s best memories!


Your students will love the different choice of covers and options to record their best year yet! You will love the easy prep! Just print, cut in half, and staple!


You will get:

  • 25 pages to create a memory book that has up to 19 unique pages
  • Each page has two identical pages, so it is easy to print, cut in half and staple your memory books.
  • UKAUS/USA spelling/terms
  • Suitable for students grades 2-3


Lots of fun end-of-year memory book pages including:

  • Four different covers including boy/girl options
  • Polaroid snapshots of the year, so students can draw some of their favourite memories
  • Memorable moments, where students to write or draw pictures
  • A favourites page, where students can list their favourite subject, sport, book etc
  • I’m going to miss (learning, people)
  • Our best field trip/excursion
  • My favourite dress-up day
  • Notes from my friends
  • Autographs
  • When I grow up
  • My Top 10
  • My goals for next year
  • This summer I will…. (2 girl and 2 boy options)
  • These holidays I will…
  • What a difference one year makes! Birthday cake to add candles, and a height chart.
  • A map of our school
  • A map of our classroom
  • Summer bucket list
  • What I’ll miss the most; What I’m looking forward to


You can pick and choose a selection of pages to make your own end-of-year book that your students will love!