Next Grade In Training Crowns

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Celebrate the end of year with our delightful ‘Next Grade In Training’ Crowns – the perfect way to celebrate your students as they get ready to transition into the next grade!


These cute crowns are not just accessories; they’re badges of honour for our young learners!


You will get:


Designs for Every Grade K-3: Choose from an array of designs tailored to each grade level. Whether it’s “1st Grader in Training,” “Year Two In Training,” or “Preppie In Training” these crowns add a touch of fun and anticipation to the transition. Extra bands are included to size up!


Vibrant and fun: Our printable crowns come in blackline and with a splash of colour. Print them on coloured card or on white card and decorate!


Easy to Print and Assemble: Printing and assembling these crowns is a breeze! With these templates, you have a fun way to add a touch of magic to your end-of-year celebrations.


Boosts Confidence and Excitement: Wearing these crowns isn’t just about looking adorable; it’s about giving our yongsters confidence and excitement. Your students will beam with pride, ready to conquer the challenges of the next grade with a positive mindset.


You students will love wearing these at their End-of-Year Celebrations: Whether it’s a graduation ceremony or a simple class party, these crowns add a touch of colour and fun!


Encourage a Positive Transition: Ease the transition for your students with a touch of fun.


Make the transition memorable and fun with our ‘Next Grade In Training’ Crowns – because every student deserves to feel like royalty as they step into the next grade!