Fiction and Nonfiction Posters and Student Checklist

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Are your students learning the difference between fiction and nonfiction texts? Do they need extra guidance in identifying if a text is fiction or nonfiction? They will love referring to these bright posters and their own student checklist!


This resource includes two bright posters – one that has the identifying features of fiction and nonfiction texts, and the other helps students to understand what they are learning and articulate a learning goal.


The student checklist is so versatile! You could:

  • laminate and use as a guided reading bookmark
  • print and glue in student books for easy reference
  • highlight each feature as they are found within a text


This resource includes:

  • A bright reference poster outlining the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts
  • A bright WALT and LEARNING GOAL poster
  • Student checklists – four to one page. Low paper and low-cut layout.


Your students will be able to identify and articulate why a text is fiction or non-fiction in no time!