Five Sentence Stories – Narrative

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Text TypesNarrative Writing
Learning AreaEnglish
GradeYear 2, Year 3, Year 4


Five sentence stories are a powerful way to teach students how to construct a narrative.

Most students need a scaffold in-between brainstorming characters and settings to help them map out their story. Five Sentence Stories are the answer!

Writing five descriptive sentences to outline each stage of the narrative, helps your students to successfully complete their stories. They are perfect for helping students to write every part of the story, and to help with pacing for set time durations in preparation for testing.

The scaffold includes opener/hook, orientation, complication, solution & resolution.

Use on your whiteboard as-is, or edit to suit your class/purpose.

Slides (red and blue lines) included:

  • Original
  • Editable original
  • Editable story openers: dialogue, onomatopoeia, description, complaint, question, feeling, exclamation, repetition, adjectives, flashback, fact.
  • Blank (for whiteboard markers only)
  • Blank with blue lines

Use with a picture stimulus for regular practice. You will find your lower writers will finally give you complete stories, while your talented writers will fill a page with just five sentences.

When students nail this process, they are ready to use these sentences as topic sentences for narrative paragraphs.

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