Five Sentence Opinions – Scaffold to Write Persuasive Texts



Five sentence opinions are a powerful way to teach students how to construct an opinion/persuasive text.

Most students need a scaffold in-between brainstorming arguments to help them map out their text. Writing five sentences to outline each stage of the opinion, helps your students to successfully complete their arguments. They are perfect for helping students to write every part of the argument, and to help with pacing for set time durations in preparation for testing.

Use on your whiteboard as-is, or edit to suit your class/purpose.

Slides included:

  • Opinion starters (six different sets of starters)
  • OREO scaffold
  • Editable versions of both

Red and blue, and blue lines included.

When students nail this process, they are ready to use these sentences as topic sentences for a more developed argument.

The font used in these slides is APL KinderPeeps (Volume 2) from A Primary Kind Life on TPT. You do not need this font to use this product but please be aware that without this font installed, editable text boxes will default to your own computer’s installed fonts.