Fun Handwriting Practice | Handwriting Warm-up Activities | Handwriting Lines

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Get ready for handwriting practice with this handy handwriting warm-up! It includes a fun sequence of warm-up activities, a handwriting checklist, and handwriting practice slides with different handwriting lines.


Handwriting fatigue can be solved with proper warm-ups, correct posture, and pencil grip – preparing for handwriting is as important as the handwriting itself!


Use this slideshow before handwriting to get students’ hands and arms ready for action! Students will be energetic and ready to write with these fun warm-ups! Once they are warmed up, revise expectations (posture, neatness, work presentation etc) with our handy handwriting checklist, and demonstrate letter formation on our handwriting line slides!


This handwriting resource includes:

  • Eight finger/hand warm-up activities
  • Six arm/shoulder warm-up activities
  • A handwriting checklist/success criteria list
  • Sky-grass-dirt handwriting
  • Dotted thirds with and without cat (head-body-tail)
  • Australian Y1 red and blue lines with and without cat (head-body-tail)
  • All handwriting lines slides have space to write date/heading and 3-4 lines of lines to demonstrate.

This resource is a PowerPoint presentation. You can delete, add, rearrange the slides to suit your own lessons.


How to use this resource:

Use these slides whenever students need to prepare for writing or handwriting practice. handwriting fatigue is a common problem amongst students that is easily addressed through handwriting warm-up exercises and good writing posture. These slides are great to help substitute teachers maintain your routine and expectations. They also mix and match easily with our other learning slides.


Before writing, encourage students to participate in finger and shoulder warm-ups – spend about 45 seconds on each exercise. Then review handwriting expectations, explicitly teach the handwriting element that you are teaching on the handwriting practice slides.


Visual cues are important for young learners, and these slides are not different. They each include a heading, a brief explanation, and an age-appropriate picture. As students become familiar with the slides they will move to each warm-up easily.