Sound Wall Phonics – Complete including Vowel Valley

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Implement a SOUND WALL for phonics in your classroom!

This is a comprehensive sound wall that includes EVERYTHING you need!

This SOUND WALL comes in COLOR/COLOUR and B&W, with an EDITABLE template to add your own words and images.


It also comes in THREE different themes: Monochromatic, Pastel Rainbow & Boho Rainbow (see Preview).


Sound Wall Includes:

✔Display elements to create sound wall including headings (see below)

✔Each sound card includes: phoneme, mouth formation image , picture and word for common grapheme, most common graphemes (see preview)

Editable PowerPoint containing template, with embedded fonts, so that you can add your own words/pictures to match your accent and/or phonics program (main resource is not editable)

✔Getting started display guide with two options (one low-prep) for displaying sound cards.

✔ Resource is in blackline and color. Print in black and white on colored paper to match the theme of your classroom, or print in color with one of our themes!


See our PREVIEW to see it on a classroom wall!


Phonemes Included:

✿Consonants /p/ /t/ /k/ /b/ /d/ /g/ /j/ /f/ /s/ /v/ /z/ /h/ /y/ /w/ /l/ /r/ /m/ /n/

/k//w/ /k//x/

✿Short Vowels

✿Long Vowels

✿Consonant Digraphs /th/ voiced and unvoiced, /ng/ /sh/ /ch/ /wh/ with breath /zh/


✿Vowel Dipthongs /oi/ /ou/

✿Vowel Sounds Influenced by ‘R’ /ur/ /a(r)/ /ā(r)/ /o(r)/


Headings included in THREE themes: monochromatic, Pastel Rainbow, Boho Rainbow

Headings included:

✔Sound Wall

✔Phoneme (speech sound)


✔Tricky Graphemes

✔Vowels that make your mouth smile

✔Vowels that make your mouth round


✔Consonant Sounds

✔Consonant Digraphs





✔Stops Unvoiced

✔Stops Voiced

✔Continuants Unvoiced

✔Continuants Voiced







✔Long Vowel Sounds

✔Short Vowel Sounds

✔Other Vowel Sounds


✔Vowel Dipthongs

✔Vowel Sounds Influenced by ‘R’


What is a Sound Wall?

A sound wall is organised by sound, helping students to move from speech-print using phonemes (letter sounds), mouth formation (articulation), and recognition of common and uncommon graphemes (letter patterns).


A sound wall is a fantastic tool, easily differentiated for younger and older students. It aids in explicit and systematic phonic instruction, orthographic mapping, spelling and decoding, while also providing students with a working reference wall for reading and writing.



This resource would work for students of all ages!



Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ include alongside your learning walls – use singular phonemes within your learning walls

✿ use in conjunction with vocabulary walls and morphemic spelling walls

✿ print small to create flashcards focused on phonemes



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