Initial Sounds Game Boards

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Initial Sounds Game Boards are the perfect resource to help young learners develop their phonemic awareness skills! This engaging game includes 26 game boards, one for each letter of the alphabet, and is designed to make learning fun and interactive.

Each game board focuses on a single letter sound, and students must identify pictures on the board that have words beginning with that sound. Using counters, students cover the sound they have identified and also complete a square for each sound they find. When they have filled five squares, the activity is complete!

This resource is ideal for both individual and group play, making it perfect for classroom settings or for use at home. It can be used to reinforce phonemic awareness skills and letter-sound recognition and is a great way to help students build their vocabulary and develop their reading and writing skills.

“Initial Sounds Find-It Game Goards” are a fun and engaging way to help young learners develop their phonemic awareness skills while having fun. Download now and get ready to watch your students learn and grow!