Learning Wall Science Early Years

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Learning Wall Starter Kit for Science – Early years

This kit supports the creation of a Science learning wall in your classroom. A learning wall is more than a bump it up wall – it is an evolving space that guides AND documents your students’ learning journey.

Learning Walls are an interactive teaching and learning tool for your students to refer to during the learning cycle. They become working displays that your students can refer back to, and learn from.

This display includes a Science learning wall kit for printing on your own paper.

It includes:

  • Topic headings (Materials, Mixtures, Plants, Movement, Push pull, Change, Creatures, Weather, Life-cycles, 5 Senses, Dinosaurs, Light, Machines, Water)
  • Age-appropriate Science Inquiry posters
  • Numbers and arrows to show hierarchies, linear and cyclical learning, progressions and more.
  • 5 Qs to support learners – signs + b&w speech bubbles for students to add their ideas.
  • ‘BUMP IT UP’ banner – your learning wall can include a modelled response, OR an entire bump it up wall – up to you and your learners!
  • Blank labels

You may like to add graphic organisers, images, mind maps, and more to support your learners.

PLEASE NOTE: The learning wall is a large file (184pp). This downloadable PDF includes a Google Drive Link. From there you can download the file directly, or ‘Save a copy’ to your own Google Drive.