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Literacy Progression Punctuation Indicator Pack


Do you need support to implement the Literacy Progressions into your lessons, student feedback and bump it up walls?


Then you need to grab this pack!


This bundle will help you to:


  • Provide examples of punctuation at different levels of achievement, including Literacy Progression Indicators, so student know HOW to improve their writing
  • Scaffold your students to the next level using the Literacy Progression Punctuation Goal Slips for self, peer and teacher feedback
  • Create a Bump It Up Wall based on the Literacy Progression Punctuation Indicators – identify what students need to do in their next piece of writing to take it to the next level


This set is great for Learning Walls, Bump It Up Walls, Student Goal-setting and feedback


Here’s what is included:

A collection of resources to help students meet the Literacy Progressions for Punctuation in any subject:


✔’I Can’ statements in student-friendly language (colourful landscape, and black and white square for printing on coloured paper)

✔Student goal slips

✔’Pencil Cuties’ Bump It Up Wall

✔Examples of punctuation within texts, demonstrating the indicators at each level


The Literacy Progressions sit within the Australian Curriculum, however are great global indicators for students everywhere.




This resource would work for Students working within the Literacy Progression Punctuation Indicators (PuN1-PuN8)




Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ give student feedback

✿ send home to communicate goals with parents

✿ use as desk toppers

✿ display on bump it up walls

✿ focus for small group work

✿ feedback for end of unit assessments

✿ goal setting