Year 2 Mixtures Science Flipbook and Activities

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Learning AreaScience
GradeYear 2
Type of ResourceFlipbooks
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9S2101, AC9S2103


Year 2 Mixtures Science Flipbook and Activities

Your students will love using this flipbook to explore mixtures!

Supported by six mini-lessons, you and your students will find this cute flipbook engaging, easy to use and easy to refer to for formative and summative assessment purposes – achievement standards are easily recognisable and labelled, so you can identify learning experiences easily.

Your students will love recording their predictions and observations in this fun science flipbook.

They will describe changes to materials and identify that certain materials have different uses and describe examples of where science is used in people’s daily lives.

Students will pose and respond to questions about their experiences and predict outcomes of investigations.

They will use informal measurements to make and compare observations.

They will also record and represent observations and communicate ideas in a variety of ways!

Save the environment – All of this is done on just two pieces of paper!