NAIDOC Week Activity Animals and Seasons

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MeasurementMonths & Seasons


Learn about Aboriginal culture with this NAIDOC Week Activity exploring what animals are known to be doing during the winter months of NAIDOC (June/July).


This resource includes 8 different blackline printable pages (with and without season headings), and covers 8 different Aboriginal seasons. Each page includes an animal, the regional name of the season, the name of the winter months, specific behaviour or benefit of the animal during that time.


Use as a one-off activity or to set up a learning table within your classroom. Also a great low-cost activity for year-level rotations on celebration days.


Includes blacklines with and without the season names from various language groups/regions. This means you can use the animals with regional seasons, or without, according to your local community knowledge.


Regional seasons included:

  • D’harawal (Burrugin)
  • Gariwerd (Chunnup)
  • Jawoyn (Malapparr)
  • Kaurna (Parnati)
  • Muang (Wumulukuk)
  • Ngoorabul (July)
  • Nyoongar (Makuru)
  • Yawuru (Barrgana)


Animals included:

  • Echidna
  • Sugar-glider
  • Emu
  • Possum
  • Turtle
  • Murray Cod
  • Black Swan
  • Kangaroo


Each blackline also includes common Aboriginal symbols for students to colour.


*Symbols vary across the country. These are common representations of these traditional symbols.