Phonics Chatterboxes | Phoneme-grapheme Fortune Tellers

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PhonicsBlends, CVC, Digraphs, Long Vowels, Short Vowels, Vowel Teams, Word Families, Word Knowledge


Make teaching phonics fun with these engaging, hands-on chatterboxes! Also known as fortune tellers and cootie catchers, these fun paper toys will have your students engaged and ready to learn.

This set includes 40 low-prep chatterbox templates perfect for reviewing phonics skills such as phoneme-grapheme correspondences, split digraphs and vowel digraphs. There are 40 phonics chatterboxes – so you could introduce one per week. Quick and easy setup plus clear student directions make these fortune tellers perfect for centers or substitute days, too!

Your students will love colouring, cutting and folding their own phonics chatterboxes, and then playing the game with their friends. They won’t even realise they’re learning!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 40 blackline phonics chatterboxes, perfect for centers or stations (see list of sounds below)
  • Teacher guide including instructions for play
  • Picture instructions for folding
  • List of sounds covered
  • Checklist of sounds for teacher records.

Each chatterbox includes:

  • Student instructions for play
  • Phonics concept heading
  • Words/images that correspond with concept taught

Your students will love practicing basic phoneme-grapheme correspondences with these fun paper toys. They will look forward to phonics time, literacy centers and even homework!

These chatterboxes have been a childhood favourite for decades,  but I’ve included picture instructions just in case you need them.

Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student pages, gather the materials listed, and you’re ready for a fun and engaging class!

The phoneme-grapheme correspondences included are:

  1. SATPIN words x2
  2. /n/
  3. /m/
  4. /d/
  5. /g/
  6. /o/
  7. /k/
  8. ck
  9. /e/
  10. /u/
  11. /r/
  12. /h/
  13. /f/
  14. /l/
  15. ss
  16. /z/
  17. /sh/
  18. /ch
  19. /th/ (2 – voiced & unvoiced)
  20. /ng/
  21. /y/
  22. /igh/
  23. /j/
  24. /v/
  25. /w/
  26. /ks/
  27. /kw/
  28. i_e
  29. a_e
  30. o_e
  31. e_e
  32. u_e
  33. oy, oi
  34. ow, ou
  35. ow, oa
  36. ay, ai
  37. e, ee, ea
  38. oo, ew
  39. oo
  40. oo

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