Small Moments Descriptive Writing Freebie

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Help your students to develop their descriptive writing with small moments! If you’re looking for a tool to help students to increase their use of descriptive writing and deliver engaging writing – even about mundane things – then this freebie is for you!

These small moment teaching slides and handy printable are designed to help your students look beyond the big moments (“On the weekend I went to the shops. It was fun” – sound familiar?!) and brainstorm creative writing ideas that are full of detail.

In this freebie, you will get:

  • Three bright and engaging PowerPoint slides (I do, We do, You do mini teaching sequence included)
  • Printable suitable for writing stations and brainstorming prior to writing.


Fun activities you could do with these slides:

  • Challenge your students to write the most interesting story about the most boring thing! Making a sandwich or doing the washing up. Maybe they describe the sound the sandwich makes when being squished together, or how one of the soapy bubbles delicately floats through the air.
  • Explore feelings by narrowing down an event to a feeling had throughout the day – maybe the lovely feeling of Grandma’s hand ruffling their hair at the end of a visit and how that makes them smile on the inside.
  • Describe the sounds heard in one moment.
  • Describe a freeze-frame from a larger moment – act out small moments first and get students to guess them.
  • Draw a matching picture – show the sauce being squeezed from a sandwich.

This freebie is taken and developed from our Narrative Writing Google and PowerPoint Slides


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