Student Writing Bookmarks for Fiction and Non-fiction Texts

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Student writing bookmarks are a useful tool to support students with fiction and non-fiction text structures. This resource includes text scaffolds for different text types, including narrative scaffolds and persuasive scaffolds, and is differentiated to cater to different levels.
You can print these text structure scaffolds and use them as bookmarks OR glue them directly into student books. Students will enjoy the guidance of the text scaffolds and clear success criteria.
Each bookmark includes a checklist for self/peer/teacher feedback, helping students to meet their learning goals, and identify growth areas.
This resource includes Student Writing Bookmarks for:
  • recount
  • retell
  • text response
  • character description
  • information reports (animal, person, place)
  • wanted poster
  • persuasive text
  • persuasive letter
  • persuasive article
  • narrative margin helpers
  • procedure (simple and detailed)
Prep is quick and easy! There are three scaffolds to each page – just print (on cardstock if using for bookmarks), trim, and then students glue in their books. Introduce the scaffold explicitly for first use, modeling how to refer to each section and use the checklist before, during, and after.
Your students will grow their independent writing using the self-assessment checklists, or they can also be used for peer and teacher feedback – a proven way to improve student achievement!

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