Year 4 History Scavenger Hunt

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GradeYear 4
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9HS4K03, AC9HS4K04, AC9HSK02
Learning AreaHistory/Social Sciences


Engage your Year 4 students with this fun History Scavenger Hunt! It’s designed to refresh your 4th grade students’ memories on the causes of the establishment of the first British Colony in Australia, and the experiences of individuals and groups. It also covers the effects of contact with other people on Indigenous communities.

Through reading short passages and engaging with topic-specific vocabulary, students will consolidate their learning and understanding of this important part of Australia’s history.

Students will receive instructions and a riddle to solve. Each of the 10 task cards includes a code word to solve (the answer is in one of the other cards, so students will need to read and re-read the cards to find the answers). Once they have completed all 10 code words, they will unscramble the shaded letters to find the final answer!

This Product Includes

  • Teacher directions
  • Student directions & riddle to solve
  • 10 task cards with code words (clues) that lead them to another passage
  • Student answer sheet
  • Answer Key

This is a fun, low prep and low-paper activity – students will need one answer sheet each, and the 10 cards and instructions/mission can be posted around the room or placed on different tables.

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