Book Review Foldable – Batty Bat

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Introducing our delightful bat-shaped book review foldable that is bound to captivate your students.

Designed with adorable bat aesthetics, this foldable is an ideal tool for reviewing not only Stella Luna but also other beloved bat-themed books, as well as any other book they wish to explore. Encourage your students to eagerly express their opinions with this engaging resource!

What’s included in this package:

  1. Bat-shaped foldable template: Crafted to resemble an enchanting bat, this template adds an element of excitement to the review process.
  2. Wing labels: Once the foldable is complete, the wings serve as convenient spaces to insert important details. You’ll receive two labels for each wing—one for the book title and author, and the other for the reviewer’s name and date. These labels ensure a well-organized and comprehensive book review experience.

Experience the joy of interactive learning as your students soar with enthusiasm, embracing the opportunity to share their thoughts in a fun and memorable way!