Earth Day PowerPoint, Colouring-in Poster and Pledge

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Learning AreaScience
Type of ResourceLessons, PowerPoint


Celebrate Earth Day and educate students about actionable steps they can take on Earth Day to save our environment. Promote discussion, make a pledge, and take action! This resource includes a PowerPoint introducing Earth Day, environmental issues, and things that we can all do to support our environment. It also includes a printable student pledge and poster to decorate.


Your students will love the bright PowerPoint with ideas that they can do at home, prompting discussion and compelling them to take action. Then, students can choose one action that they pledge they will take to help the Earth this Earth Day.


This resource includes:

  • Bright PowerPoint introducing Earth Day, environmental issues, and actions suitable for kids and adults
  • PowerPoint includes US/UK spelling and a blank slide for adding your own environmental issue
  • Printable student pledge
  • Printable Earth Day poster


This resource will help you to teach one lesson about Earth Day. Follow the PowerPoint, discuss each slide, add your own ideas and then complete one of the printable activities. You can also differentiate for older students by writing to a leader in your community. This could be your Principal or a local government member.


This resource is suitable for students from Year 2 – 4.