Phonics Display – Phonics Train 44 phomemes

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Display the 44 phonemes in your classroom with this fun Phonics Train!


This display includes:

  • Engine with waving passengers
  • Carriages – ‘Our letters and sounds train’
  • Phoneme carriages that each include an image representing the sound
  • Carriages that help to identify the types of phonemes (consonant sounds etc)
  • Blank carriages, so that you can add your own graphemes and images if you wish (you will need to overlay text boxes and insert images to do this).
  • PowerPoint format for easy editing.


This resource is perfect for introducing the phonemes. Add a phoneme as they are explicitly taught, using our sequence, or your own (eg SATPIN). You can leave room underneath each carriage for students to add words that represent that sound.


This resource is more effective than a string of alphabet letters, and takes up less room than a traditional sound wall – perfect for time-poor teachers.