What’s the biggest number – Large Numbers Display

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Learning AreaMathematics


Are you looking for a fun MATHS display to get your students excited about MATHS?


It doesn’t have to be boring!


Get them excited with this Maths Display!


You will get a colourful display to help students get excited about LARGE numbers!


Here’s what is included:

‘What’s the biggest number?’ display

✔Names of large numbers

✔Explanation of which numbers get names

✔ Googol example

✔ Explanation of googolplex

✔ Colourful fonts for a bright display



This resource would work for primary and middle school!



Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:


✿ learning walls

✿ Investigations (why do you need large numbers? What can you count using large numbers? How are they useful? How many zeros will the next 10 numbers have?)

✿ Introducing factors

✿ Introducing mathematical conjectures