subliminal meditations for children

Subliminal Positive Affirmations for Children

subliminal meditations for children

As a teacher and a mum, I am always looking for ways to boost children’s confidence and ability in all sorts of areas – not just academics. I’ve used them for a while now and found that subliminal positive affirmations for children are the key!

In my classroom, I relied upon the power of relaxing or uplifting music to set the mood. I would also use a diffuser and a relaxing oil such as lavender or an uplifting scent such as lemongrass. I concentrated on making my classroom a retreat from the busyness of the morning and from the kinetic energy of the schoolyard.

Every morning, I would observe students visibly relax as they walked in (deep sighs, dropping shoulders that had been up around their ears, and even closing their eyes for a moment) and I realized the power of creating a safe space through music, lighting, and scent. My students were relaxed, ready to learn, and most importantly, happy.

It can be distressing for everyone when a child shows a lack of confidence, self-love, happiness, or security. At home, I always listened to bedtime meditations with my children, and love listening to affirmations and subliminal tracks myself. Cracking through those self-limiting beliefs is hard!

One day, I had an idea just pop into my head! It was not long after I watched another parent go through a period of school refusal with their little one. I thought, why not take the power of subliminal music to transform limiting beliefs and create subliminal music for children that actually address their worries and ours (about them!)?

We could have calmer bedtimes and school mornings, and more confident children ready to embrace their world and the people in it.

And so, I created these Subliminal Positive Affirmations for Children, suitable for home or classroom. At the moment they are subliminal recordings, but later I would like to add meditations and audible affirmation tracks.

Why Subliminals for Children?

Sometimes our children need extra help with their day. They may need to have a more positive mindset, feel more self-love, or show more confidence. These subliminal positive affirmations are intended to quietly help them to think more positively and constructively in their day-to-day life. They are non-invasive, and they aim to make our job as parents and educators easier too!

How is subliminal music made?

Relaxing music is paired with positive spoken affirmations. The spoken affirmations are lowered to a volume below -17 decibels. This is below our conscious hearing level. Boost Mindset Subliminals share the affirmations for every subliminal produced so that you can read these with your child prior to listening. I pair the subliminal track with the affirmations. Firstly, so that you know what the affirmations are, and secondly, so that you can read through them with your child/class.

When can you listen to subliminal music?

You can listen to our subliminal positive affirmations for children anywhere and anytime.

As a parent, you may like to listen in the morning to set up a great day, in the car on the way to school, or at bedtime.

As a teacher, you may like to listen while students are coming into the room in the morning, during quiet work, transitions, and after busy lunches.

Receive the following tracks and affirmations:

  • I like going to school – perfect for the drive to school or when entering the classroom
  • I can be independent – perfect for the drive to school and entering the classroom
  • I am confident – suitable for building self-belief and preparing students for social situations and events
  • I am grateful – for a positive mood anywhere! Gratitude is the key to happiness!
  • I am loved – for those that need a reminder
  • I like going to sleep – for children that struggle with bedtime