3 Chocolate-free Easter Activities Your Class Will Love!

Chocolate-free Easter activities – whoa!

No, I’m not trying to be a buzzkill – I’m just a regular teacher dealing with allergies, traffic light food rules and a class of eager seven-year-olds who already have enough energy! While it is tempting to give your class chocolate at Easter time, there is lots of egg-cellent ideas for letting your children be egg-cited (ok, I’ll stop the puns!), make connections with home, and get into the Easter spirit without giving them chocolate eggs or sweets.

My top 3 no-chocolate activities are:

  1. The Easter Basket
    Traditions die hard, and you probably remember making an Easter basket at school. Using a printable template is easy and time-effective, however you may also like to create a design challenge, such as ‘Create an Easter Basket that will hold five eggs’. Students enjoy taking their basket home and using on Easter Sunday – I recall saving mine ALL YEAR when I was at school – so this is always a winner!
  2. A carrot card for the Easter Bunny!
    Carrot cards printed on orange paper look fantastic as a classroom display, and are also something a little different to send home with students before the Easter break. Students can write a short note to the Easter Bunny telling him where to leave some eggs, thanking him for visiting, or wishing him a lovely Easter.
  3. An Easter Bunny paper topper!
    I can hear you say, “A writing task?”, but using the Easter theme to freshen up the genre your students are already working on,  will give your students an extra boost and a piece of writing they can take home with pride. You will also squeeze in an Easter activity while still making progress towards your other teaching goals

What are your favourite no-chocolate Easter activities?

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