Chocolate-free Easter Activities Your Class Will Love!

chocolate free easter activities

Embrace these egg-cellent chocolate-free Easter activities! As a teacher navigating allergies, food rules, and the boundless energy of seven-year-olds, I understand the challenges. While chocolate may be the go-to treat, let’s explore some chocolate-free Easter activities that will leave your students excited and engaged.

Easter Basket Tradition

One timeless Easter activity that resonates with nostalgia is the creation of Easter baskets. The tradition lives on as students dive into the creative process. Whether using a printable template or initiating a design challenge – such as crafting a basket capable of holding five eggs – the activity becomes a delightful endeavour. Students take pride in carrying their crafted baskets home, fostering a sense of accomplishment that lasts beyond the Easter season.

Carrot Card for the Easter Bunny

Ready for another chocolate-free Easter activity? – the carrot card for the Easter Bunny. Crafted from vibrant orange paper, these cards serve as a captivating classroom display. Beyond aesthetics, students get a chance to engage with the Easter Bunny on a personal level. They can write a short note, expressing their wishes or sharing gratitude. This activity not only adds a touch of novelty but also encourages creative expression.

Easter Bunny Paper Topper

Inject an Easter theme into the learning process with the Easter Bunny paper topper. While some might question a writing task during Easter, this activity serves a dual purpose. It freshens up the genre students are working on, offering a delightful break from routine, and simultaneously contributes to broader teaching goals. The students not only produce a piece of writing they can take pride in but also experience the joy of an Easter-themed task.

Encourage students to share their creations and experiences, fostering a sense of community within the classroom. This not only enhances the Easter spirit but also creates a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

In conclusion, navigating the Easter season as a teacher involves considering various factors, from allergies to dietary restrictions. However, embracing alternatives to chocolate can open up a world of creative possibilities. The Easter activities mentioned – from crafting Easter baskets to creating carrot cards for the Easter Bunny and incorporating Easter Bunny paper toppers into writing tasks – offer a delightful way to engage students while steering clear of chocolate. Share the joy of these activities with your students, and witness the Easter spirit come alive in your classroom!

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