Be Amazed by Aboriginal Astronomy

Explore Aboriginal Astronomy and Dreamtime Stories with the 'Emu in the Sky' For thousands of years, Aboriginal people have looked into the Milky Way and seen the 'Emu in the Sky'. Suitable for grades 2-3 (wristbands p-3), this pack includes: Emu in the Sky Dreamtime Story and Comprehension questions/answer sheet Emu in the Sky Information Text and Comprehension questions/answer sheet 'Emu in the Sky' student wristbands - perfect for celebration and commemoration, such as NAIDOC Week.

Were Aboriginals the world’s first astronomers? Aboriginal Astronomy is fast becoming an area that our students want to know more about. Through Dreamtime stories, Aboriginal science is becoming more mainstream, and it is our job as educators to be able to share this knowledge.  Scientists believe that Australian Aboriginal people could have been the world’s […]

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