Dinosaur Activity – Digging for Dinosaurs

dinosaur dig

This is one of the most requested dinosaur activities at our house – dinosaur digging! It is a fun way to give kids access to some real-life tools and develop hand-eye coordination.

It’s really simple to set up and clean up, so you’ll love it too.

You’ll need:

Small bowls (IKEA kids bowls are really good!)


Food colouring

Dinosaur figurines – buy cheap ones as sometimes the dinosaurs can come off worse for wear! You don’t want to use your expensive or well-loved dinosaurs for this activity.

Metal baking tray


Hammer – a lighter version if you have one

How to make:

Put a dinosaur and some food colouring drops into bowl – you may like to make a few at once!

Add water and freeze overnight.

Take out of bowl and place on oven tray – keep away from surfaces/materials that can stain

Demonstrate how to chip away at the ice, using the hammer and chisel/screwdriver, keeping fingers safely away.

Let your little archaeologists have a turn!



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