The first rule of playdough club…

playdough club

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that playdough club isn’t a real club. I’m not even sure WHY we call it playdough club.

What I DO know is that playdough club is a fantastic way to foster parental involvement, and save yourself time. It’s also systems like this that make parents exclaim, “WOW. Brady’s teacher is SO organised!” They will think you are a total teaching ROCK STAR!

So WHAT is playdough club and HOW does it work?

Playdough club asks your parents to volunteer to make your class playdough. Playdough is hugely creative, manipulative, exciting and so useful in all areas of the curriculum. Sadly, batches don’t last that long when 20-30 little hands are playing with it day in, day out. That’s where your parents come in! 

Simply hang my free printable on your class noticeboard, or email a copy of the pdf home, to introduce the club. Then ask parents to volunteer a date they would be happy to make the dough for. You could choose a calendar date, or week of term. Parents who can’t come in to sign up can email you their preferred date for you to write on the form – heck they can even send in STORE-BOUGHT playdough!

Once you have your volunteers, organise a schedule and send home your thank you notes, which include an awesome recipe.

Put a reminder of who is scheduled for the following week in your weekly newsletter, and watch the playdough roll in! 

Grab your freebie here or on my TPT store!

Other tips:

  • I like to store my dough in Chinese food containers, and in the fridge if you are lucky enough to have one (In Australia we are sometimes lucky to have a small fridge in our building block, not just in the staffroom.).
  • You can ask for a combination of colours and write this on the top of your note, or just let parents choose.
  • Glitter is a fun addition!




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