How to Simplify Your Teaching Using Bump It Up Walls

Ok so I know this is a BIG call, but there is one thing I ALWAYS stand by when it comes to Bump It Up Walls.

And that advice is this:

Bump It up Walls can actually make teaching easier!

In fact, you can actually spend less time planning, marking, and stressing when Bump It Up Walls are working alongside you!

So this is your reminder today that Bump It Up Walls aren’t just ‘another thing we have to do’. They are actually a transformative, time-saving pedagogy that make teaching easier for YOU!

And you can start to enjoy the power of Bump It Up Walls  by:

  • Focusing on the pedagogy instead of the display. Use our ready-made levelled writing samples and displays until you find your groove.
  • Teach your students to self-assess against a checklist. Create a checklist for each assessment piece and model how to assess against a sample of student work (past student). Use highlighters – green for achieved and pink/orange for not yet achieved.
  • Ensure your Bump It Up Wall is accessible for all of your learners – make sure your shortest child can read the highest part of the display.

If you need more support on embracing Bump It Up Walls?

These additional resources may help you:

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