A Simple Guide to Introducing a Bump It Up Wall to Students.

Introduce a bump it up wall

A bump it up wall is a visual tool used to encourage students to take their learning to the next level. Introducing a bump it up wall as a teaching and learning tool is important because they are not widely used. Students in your class may need a lesson on what they are, and how to use them.

Here’s how to introduce a bump it up wall to your students:

  1. Explain the concept: Explain what a bump it up wall is and why it’s important for student learning. Emphasize that the goal is to help students move from basic understanding to a deeper level of understanding.
  2. Show an example: Show the students an example of a bump it up wall. Explain the different levels of understanding represented by each tier of the wall.
  3. Explain the process: Explain how the bump it up wall works. Students will start at the bottom level and work their way up the wall as they demonstrate deeper understanding. You can choose for moving up to be a public or private process – for example, you may like students to write their name on a tag and move it up, or draw their own picture to remain anonymous. Alternatively, students can track their own progress in a goal book.
  4. Provide opportunities to move up: Encourage students to ask questions and seek opportunities to demonstrate their understanding. Offer additional resources or activities to help students move up the wall. You could include self and peer-assessment checklists, annotating and editing of samples, and formative assessment opportunities.
  5. Celebrate progress: Celebrate students’ progress and recognition their hard work and determination to reach the top of the bump it up wall. I have celebrated by organising ‘meetings with the Principal’, celebratory learning walks, ‘publishing’ finished work in a class magazine, or Friday afternoon games.

By introducing the bump it up wall, you are giving students a clear path to success and the motivation to continue learning and growing.

bump it up wall
Bump It Up Wall using Teachie Tings Clipart

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