Bump It Up Bookmarks and 5 Question Posters



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Are you looking for a tool to help your students ‘Bump Up’ to the next level?
Then you need to grab this resource!
These ‘Bump It Up’ bookmarks incorporate the 5 Questions, helping students understand their learning goals, and how they can ‘bump up’ their achievement.
This set is designed to complement the use of Learning/Working Walls, Bump It Up Walls, student goals and feedback.
Here’s what is included:
Bump It Up Bookmarks
✔Editable Bump It Up bookmarks in colour, and black and white.
✔Bookmarks include editable student name, the 5 Questions (Lyn Sharrat) and spaces for students to write answers or teachers to edit with text boxes.
✔ iPad-frame posters that cover the 5 Questions. Teachers can print and write on, or edit with text boxes and print; adding them to a classroom display.
You will need Powerpoint to open this file.
This resource would work for grades 3+!
Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:
✿ learning walls
✿ bump it up walls
✿ strong and weak samples/ WAGOLL
✿ modelling how to ‘bump it up’
✿ student goal setting – provide students with a bookmark per semester to work on their big goal, to align with a specific assessment piece.
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