Compound Word Matching Game on PowerPoint

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Australian Curriculum CodesAC9E2LY10
Type of ResourceLessons, PowerPoint
Common Core Standard CodesL.2.4d
GradeYear 2
Learning AreaEnglish
PhonicsCompound Words, Word Knowledge
VocabularyCompound Words


Are you ready to engage your students’ minds, and boost their vocabulary, and have a blast while doing it?

Introducing our Compound Word Matching Game on PowerPoint – a fun experience for word enthusiasts of all ages! This game is a fantastic learning tool for students, helping them build their vocabulary and grasp the concept of compound words effortlessly.

With a user-friendly interface, simply click to match compound words. The game provides immediate feedback.

You will get:

  • A Compound Word PowerPoint game
  • Choice of fonts (Miss Kindergarten + Aussie School Fonts)

Why Compound Words?

Compound words are a fundamental building block of language. They consist of two or more words combined to create a new meaning, making them a crucial part of vocabulary development. Our Compound Word Matching Game on PowerPoint helps reinforce this essential skill in a fun and memorable way.

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