Narrative Writing Graphic Organiser

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Improve your students’ narrative writing planning with this detailed one-page narrative writing graphic organizer. This scaffold has everything your students need to help them add lots of detail and complete their narrative effectively.


This is not your ordinary narrative graphic organizer! It includes lots of prompts that help students to effectively plan every element of their writing before they start writing.


It includes:

  • Opening hook prompts to help your students engage their reader from the first sentence.
  • Orientation – who are the characters and settings?
  • Noun group prompts: students write descriptive phrases to use in their draft, while thinking deeply about their character/setting.
  • Story mountain – rising action (thinking about events), climax, falling action, resolution (often the weak part of a student’s writing)
  • The game changer: Five sentence story scaffold: your students will now complete their stories (instead of leaving out a component of the narrative such as the resolution).
  • Aligns with Seven Steps.


Finally, your students will write complete narrative stories with detailed character descriptions and settings.


Your high-flyers will be inspired by this scaffold – they will come up with creative hooks and write detailed sentences that scaffold their narrative writing.


Differentiation: Once students are proficient at a five sentence story, you can stretch them to a ten sentence story (etc)


Works best printed on A3/poster size, so students can add as much detail as possible.

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