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Learning AreaEnglish
PhonicsBlends, CVC, Digraphs, Diphongs, Ending Spelling Patterns, Long Vowels, R-Controlled Vowels, Short Vowels, Silent Letters, VCe, Vowel Teams, Word Families
Type of ResourcePrintable
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9E1LY11, AC9E1LY12, AC9E1LY13, AC9EFLY12
Common Core Standard CodesRF.1.3, RF.2.3b, RF.K.3b


These word sort activities are a fun and engaging way to support your work in phonics and help with fluency as students identify and practise word family and spelling patterns.

Colour coding can be easier that fiddly cut and paste word sorts, and are no-prep for you!

You will get 40 + word sort worksheets that include:

  • Miss Kindergarten font + Australian fonts (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS)
  • Short vowels
  • Digraphs
  • Vce
  • Ending Spelling Patterns
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • Long Vowel Teams
  • Other Vowel Teams
  • Dipthongs
  • Silent Letters

This resource closely follows the UFLI Scope and Sequence K-2, although there are changes and repetitions.

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