Celebrating Repatriation Scavenger Hunt for Year 5 & 6

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This scavenger hunt celebrates the repatriation of artefacts from the Manchester Museum to the Anindilyakwa Community in Australia. It explores the impact of the repatriation on the Anindilyakwa community and its long-reaching impact on heritage and culture.

This topic helps teachers to explore the cross-curriculum priority of  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

It includes:

  • Teacher and Student Instructions/Mission
  • 10 question scavenger hunt
  • Student answer sheet
  • Teacher answer sheets

In addition this resource includes:

  • Complete reading passage for annotating and deeper understanding
  • Comprehension question sheets (questions identical to scavenger hunt – useful as a scaffold to help students keep track, but not essential)
  • Bonus mini-challenges for students to complete

The scavenger hunt format engages students in the learning process.

This resource includes scaffolds to assist students, including underlined code words and additional comprehension sheet to enable easy transfer of information.

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