Decoding Strategy Cards and Sound Boxes

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Reading SkillsDecoding
Phonemic AwarenessBlend, Segment
PhonicsBase Words, Orthographic Mapping, Prefixes, Suffixes


Decoding Strategy Cards aligned with Science of Reading


Are you implementing Science of Reading decoding strategies in your classroom?


This collection of decoding strategy cards and matching sound boxes is for you.



How do they work?


  1. Explicitly teach sounding out and blending in your classroom.
  2. Laminate sound boxes and have available when practising word writing.
  3. Use mini cars to indicate sounds (similar to using counters or chips: one car each sound) or attach a car to popsicle sticks for blending.
  4. Choose decoding strategy cards according to your students ability to decode. EG students learning letter sounds will use the ‘Sound it out’ card. Print as full-size posters or reduce down (2:1 page) for student copies.


Here’s what is included:

Decoding Strategy Cards and Sound Boxes

✔Decoding Strategy Cards (3) 1. Sound It Out 2. Chunk It Out 3. Base Words (suffixes and prefixes) ALL CARDS ARE SIMILAR FOR SUBTLE DIFFERENTIATION.

✔Sound boxes in three construction themes, with between 2-9 boxes.




This resource would work for Prep-2