Homophones PowerPoint

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Common Core Standard CodesL.4.1g
Australian Curriculum CodesAC9E3LY12, AC9E4LY11
GradeYear 3, Year 4
VocabularyHomophones & Homographs


Elevate your students’ language skills with our engaging and interactive “Homophones Learning PowerPoint.” This educational resource is designed to help learners grasp the concept of homophones effectively while having fun along the way.

Key Features:

1. 15 Sets of Homophones: This PowerPoint presentation is loaded with 15 sets of carefully selected homophones, each set challenging students to choose the correct homophone to complete sentences. From “their” and “there” to “to” and “too,” we cover a wide range of commonly confused homophones.

2. Engaging Sentence Completion: Each set of homophones comes with thought-provoking sentences that encourage students to apply their knowledge in context. By selecting the right homophones, they not only improve their spelling but also enhance their comprehension skills.