A Simple Guide to Introducing a Bump It Up Wall to Students.

Introduce a bump it up wall

A bump it up wall is a visual tool used to encourage students to take their learning to the next level. Introducing a bump it up wall as a teaching and learning tool is important because they are not widely used. Students in your class may need a lesson on what they are, and how…

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How to make Your Learning Walls interactive

make you learning walls interactive

Do you know how to make your learning walls interactive, so that all students can access them easily? This is an important question to ask yourself when planning for the learning that is going to take place. Will your students come up to the wall and then mentally take information back to their desk? Are…

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How to Co-Construct Success Criteria

how to co-construct success criteria

Table of ContentsWhy is it Important to Co-construct Success Criteria?How to Co-construct Success Criteria (Text-type example)Co-constructing Success Criteria Teaching SequenceWhat if I don’t Have Time to Co-construct Success Criteria? One of the common challenges teachers have when using bump-it-up walls and learning walls is knowing how to co-construct success criteria. I used to write the…

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