Peer Feedback Slips For Student-Led Feedback

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Student feedback is an integral part of formative assessment and boosting student achievement. Facilitate peer feedback with these short but sweet ‘Pen Pals’ feedback slips. Students can complete this slip after reviewing another student’s work – preferably against a success criteria checklist or rubric.

Why are they called ‘Pen Pals’? They’re like little notes from friends – so students should be encouraged to make their feedback constructive but friendly, positive AND helpful.

You will get:

  • ‘Pen Pals’ Feedback slips – six to a page
  • Boy and girl versions included.

Need to know more about what a feedback cycle looks like? Try my Teacher Guide, ‘How to Implement Learning Walls and Bump It Up Walls in the Classroom‘. It includes tips for embedding feedback in an assessment cycle.

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