Recount Slides – Fun teaching and learning PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Text TypesRecount Writing
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Are you tired of boring ‘On the weekend’ recounts? Why not try our fun and engaging imaginary recount slides?


These recount slides (97 in total) include:


  • 40 imaginary recount slides (one for each week of the school year), with slides such as visiting the moon, helping a lion with a toothache, finding your sister on the front page of the newspaper.
  • 20 bonus MYSTERY recount slides – students use the pictures to write an imaginary recount. What will they come up with?
  • An extra 37 slides covering different recount slides with examples including: ‘Three things I DIDN’T do on the weekend; What was different, What was the same; Weekend snapshots x3, Five Sentence Recount scaffolds, recount slide at the phoneme/word/sentence level, and printables!


These slides come in PowerPoint and Google Slides versions (link included within PDF in zip file) and are great for teaching and learning in the classroom.


You can write over with erasable markers, add your own text boxes and images to templates, or print and laminate for writing centres.


97 teaching and learning slides are included.